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Kitchen Remodel in Tryon, NC

Kitchen Remodel in Tryon, NC

The homeowner wanted to remodel her kitchen to make it her style.

She like the old well built, custom made oak cabinetry. So we kept the old cabinets and dressed them up with crown and light rail moldings. Several of the solid doors were replaced with custom made glass doors. We pulled the over the fridge cabinet and the pantry cabinet beside the fridge out to a 24 inch depth and added a side panel to create a refrigerator nook. The sink base cabinet was modified for a farmhouse sink and the doors were also replaced with new custom doors. The old microwave cabinet was removed and a new hood cabinet was installed. The new hood fan was vented out the roof. The cabinetry was then painted.

A classic bead board backsplash was added along with a quartz countertop to complete a classic farmhouse feel.

We removed to outdated salmon colored floor tile and underlayment. In it's place the owner selected a reclaimed thin brick floor. This installation required applying a matte sealer to the brick before the grout was applied. And the sealer was applied to the grout afterwards. new base trim was installed and the entire kitchen was repainted.

Service provided: Kitchen Remodeling

Budget: $52,500

Location: Tryon, NC

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